marzo 04, 2014

Can you spare an hour for the planet?

Join the Earth Hour movement and make a commitment to protect the planet.
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Dear Diana,

One hour. 60 minutes. 3,600 seconds. And hundreds of millions of people.

Every year, people around the world participate in Earth Hour by turning off their lights. With this simple act, they make a big statement: the world's environmental issues don't have to overwhelm us. We can tackle them, one hour at a time. Can we count on you to join us?

It's so easy to get involved:
  1. Tell us you're participating.

  2. Turn off your lights on Saturday, March 29, at 8:30 pm wherever you are.

  3. Be a part of Earth Hour with millions of people around the globe, committing to a better future.
Count me in!
We know you care about our planet as much as we do, so we hope you'll join us and make this Earth Hour bigger than ever. Whether you spend your hour under the stars or by candlelight practicing yoga, turn off your lights and show you will do your part to protect our planet.

Join the movement and make a commitment to protect the planet.

Katy Fenn


Katy Fenn
World Wildlife Fund
Golden Gate Bridge © John Storey / WWF-US
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